U decide 4 me
The quick decision iPhone app

U Decide 4 Me Available on the App Store dataday solutions logo
U decide 4 me is an iPhone app created to give you the answers to all of lifes little questions like...
  • Should I buy those shoes?
  • Who's round is it?
  • Which DVD shall we watch?
  • Where do we eat tonight?
With U decide 4 me you can quickly create your own questions, add pictures for your choices and let the app take the stress of choosing which answer you get.
You can even set the questions to pick in a turn based fashion so that each choice will be chosen before the app moves on to the next iteration. So for example, if the question was "Who makes the tea?" and John gets chosen first, his name will not come up again until everyone else has had a turn.

For support you should email udecide4me@datadaysolutions.com and we'll do our best to help.